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A little bit about CSG

We created CSG as a way to express our locals’ worries and concerns, and to share important local news. One of the biggest pro’s of CSG is the advertising capabilities, we make a note to collect local names and resources, recommending local small businesses so that you not only get the local treatment, there’s less big name companies claiming all the jobs! Just ask yourself: Do you know your local? If the answer is “No.” then let us help! Pick up your own copy of CSG via the distribution area’s page! We pride ourselves on finding local services and providing budget advertisements. It’s the most personal and effective way of bringing local customers to your hard working business!

Some specifics about Local2me Printing, Specifically

Our business is about creating working, successful solutions to help you create and achieve your goals.
We have over 25 years experience in Marketing, Print and Design. We love to treat our clients with the utmost experience in customer service. Our experienced designers are just waiting to consult with you about ideas for your business cards, magazine prospects and any of your other printing needs!

You will find our Core Values are very similar to your own. Have a read and don’t forget to let us know if you need any information at all regarding the site or Coffee Shop Goss!

  • Being the best we can be
  • Respecting and valuing people
  • Continual innovation